Wine Tasting at Home

Wine Tasting at Home

What You Should Know About Throwing an at Home Wine Tasting Party?

Wineries are wildly popular for their wine tasting events, with delicious appetizers and an array of different wines, you are bound to find something you like. Why go out for a wine tasting when you can host one right at home? It’s a great way to get your friends and family together and pretend you’re sommeliers.

Here are some essentials you will need to throw your At Home Wine Tasting Party!

Wine Glasses

You can’t throw a wine tasting without wine glasses! You can’t just have one type of glass either, you have to have a Red glass, a White glass, stemless Rose glass, and of course a glass for bubbly. Wines are designed to impress with inviting aromas, texture, and flavors. With a good wine glass, it is designed to enhance each element.


The most important part of the party! You should have a variety of reds (2), whites (2), rose (1), and bubbly (1). Each wine should be from a different country or region within the country to ensure you have enough variety. For example, start with a red from Italy and then move onto a white from Australia and of course a bubbly from French Champagne. How much wine you buy really depends on the number of guests, but 2 oz per each tasting is sufficient enough!

Food Options

With all the wine you and your guests will be tasting, you will need to soak it up with food! Each wine has a different appetizer that pairs with the wine. For example, for red you will want something with red meat (beef tips), for white, a fish appetizer (calamari)  will be best and for bubbly, a dessert (chocolate-coated strawberries) is in order. This will ensure your food is paired well with your wine to get everyone’s taste buds tingling. 


For each wine you purchase, do some research on it. This will ensure your guests learn a thing or two about the wines and the regions, while also creating a topic for conversation. Keeping your guests engaged is key to throwing a great wine tasting party!

Now, you are more than ready to throw your wine tasting party. Don’t forget to create an inviting atmosphere for your guests that is warm and inviting. Set the mood with some dim lights and soft music in the background and you are ready to try some wines!