Ways To Reduce No-Shows At Virtual Events

Ways To Reduce No-Shows At Virtual Events

A common occurrence for those hosting virtual events is having no-shows! It’s so easy to forget about a scheduled zoom or lose the online ticket. Planning ahead is the best way to prevent no-shows. Taking steps in advance can help to make sure that those who are attending, actually show up.

Here are a few ways to reduce no-shows at your next virtual event.

Make them pay

One of the best ways to ensure that your guests will show up for the event is to have them pay for their tickets. A free event makes it a lot easier for guests to ignore because they are not losing out on anything if they change their mind about attending. If they are purchasing a ticket to join, it may also increase the engagement and participation of your guests. If you choose to charge guests to purchase a ticket, keep in mind your event needs to be worth paying for. Some events are usually worth more in value and can justify having a paid ticket.

Events like workshops, courses, exclusive content, special programs, valuable webinars, and virtual parties. These events are usually expected to have a paid ticket but determining the price based on the popularity, following, and effort put in will affect if possible attendees will want to purchase a ticket.

A lot of the time, the no-show may be because the guests were just not able to make it to the event. Offering a ticket cancellation policy is always a good idea. When guests RSVP, you (the host) are aware of the exact number of people attending. This helps with gift bags, send-outs, and so forth. Giving people the option to cancel their tickets will give you the chance to stay up to date with the event guest numbers. It can also increase brand loyalty and encourage guests to purchase tickets from you again.

Keep up with communication

An important part of the event process is staying in communication with your guests, especially when it’s online! There are so many marketing tools that you can utilize to get the word out and keep guests in the know. Create a Facebook event page to promote the event and share information. The page can be made public to draw in a crowd or be shared privately for invite-only. This helps with seeing who is attending, interested in attending, and not interested. It also allows for all information and highlights to be shared in the same place. Facebook will also send those attending, event reminders to eliminate the chance of forgetting the day.

Utilizing other social media platforms and marketing tools will help to build a buzz around your event. If you are not as well known, this is the best idea for you. Give your potential guests and those attending the sense of FOMO. You want to build your event up as much as possible to guarantee your guests won’t want to miss it! Share sneak peeks, planned games and prizes, and build anticipation around special guests.

Offer Incentives

Offering your guests incentives is another great way to encourage their attendance at your event. This also makes for a great FOMO highlight to share!

Incentives can be anything from a promise of prizes that could be won at the event to early-bird specials! To push ticket sales, guests who purchase a ticket during the early bird special will get their ticket for free, or for a cheaper price. Or, pay full price and receive a special gift.

Sending out gift bags may be an option too! Most in-person events would offer a gift bag to take home, so why not do the same for your virtual guests. They can either be virtual prizes like an e-card or mailed out to their homes.

Don’t let a no-show to your event stop you from hosting another one. These simple ideas can help to give you a sense of assurance when it comes to guests attending. Plan ahead and avoid no-shows from your future events.