Video Productions

Video Productions

Why Video?

Why should your company consider producing videos for their marketing campaigns? As a general rule, video performs better than still photos on social media platforms. While it sometimes takes more time and money to produce videos for marketing campaigns, it is definitely something you should consider doing. Additionally, the medium provides you with more opportunities to be creative and show you/your subjects’ personalities! The more unique and engaging your marketing materials are, the more likely your audience will interact with it.

Your Vision

It’s important to go into your video shoot with a very clear idea of what you want; there is a lot of planning that needs to happen in advance. One of the first things to sort out is the set; you may have to book it fairly far in advance, depending on where you choose. Along with your location, you need to have a detailed script. Whether you write it yourself or consult a writer or videographer, your shots need to be carefully planned out so that the shoot can be done efficiently. It can get chaotic and rushed on set, so it’s vital that everyone has something to keep them on track!


You could have some of the best equipment out there, but poor lighting can very easily ruin a shot. If you’re DIYing a video shoot, lighting becomes all the more important. Natural lighting is often the best lighting someone can access if they’re shooting in an office or at home. Offices often have harsh, cold fluorescent lighting that is really unflattering to most people. At the other end of the spectrum, a lot of lighting found in people’s houses is too warm, or orange-looking. Shooting on a sunny day indoors, or on a cloudy day outside can save your video editor some serious color-correcting later. Unlike what people commonly believe, it is best to shoot outside on cloudy days! Especially on video.


If you’re hiring a video production team, they will obviously bring their own professional equipment. But if your company is producing the video in-house, it may be worth it to rent professional equipment from your local camera store. Something you don’t want to skip out on is tripods! They will ensure that your audio equipment, lighting equipment, and camera remain steady.

Think outside the box! Get creative with your video shoot and showcase your business as it deserves to be.