Using Water Effectively at your Next Event

Using Water Effectively at your Next Event

Water is more than just a drink on the menu. Ponds, lakes, even pools can help you elevate the scenery of your event. When looking at venues with great views of the water, inquire about possible water fountains, waterfalls, or even sprinklers! They have some pre-installed if they have a garden or beautiful natural outdoor space.

1. Waterfall Tranquility

Waterfalls are an amazing event decoration tool. They come in multiple shapes, sizes, and styles and are a beautiful addition to any space. They can add an air of tranquility to a quiet area or elegance to a high-class party. Don’t be afraid to include one or two at key areas of your event, such as at the entrance or in the center of the hall. Even having a larger waterfall at the head of the dining table can really class up a place.

2. Land-Based Fountains

Having a gorgeous statue or simple piece of artwork that also magically spews water in an elegant and wondrous manner is also an amazing asset to any event. Finding a venue with a fountain either inside or outside should be relatively easy. These add a similar elegance to waterfalls making them common decorations. Don’t be afraid to utilize a good fountain if there is one in your venue.

3. Sprinklers or On-The-Water Fountains

Some of the most breathtaking decorations are the ones that give the guests a show. Having a sprinkler or fountain on the water can be fun to watch. Usually, they have settings that allow the water to spray in certain patterns making for some nice entertainment. These can be found in multiple places, such as lakes, ponds, and even pools.

Water can be much more useful to your event than you might have expected. Try using water somewhere that’s not a pool party, you may be surprised!