Trending Event Decor: Keeping Updated!

Trending Event Decor: Keeping Updated!

When it comes to decorating your latest event, do you have a few staple pieces you like to reuse in creative ways? Maybe floating candles in the centerpieces is your favorite touch. Balloon arches could be your pièce de résistance. Whatever it may be, when was the last time you considered updating the event decor? 

Let us provide you with some tips on how to reevaluate your decor decisions:

How Long Do Trends Last?

Trends can last a few months to many years so it’s important to do a yearly check-in. Consider what is currently new and popular or what is up and coming. We suggest keeping a list of ideas on new decor, and if you see something new that you love, take a picture for reference later. A general rule to follow is that the simpler the decor is, the longer it will last. Simple and functional is almost always in style, including simple colors.

Is It a Classic Look?

While pieces can separately go out of style, some completed looks are just too good to go away. If you really want to include certain pieces, consider following that style throughout the rest of the decor! Building a certain look or feel for your event can make single outdated pieces feel new yet nostalgic. This works great when you have a time period in mind for your event, such as a touch of the ’80s in your modern event.

What To Do With Out of Style Pieces?

Keep the pieces that you know will last you! Popular styles have a comeback on average every 20 years, so keeping an original in storage until it’s time to brush the dust off can be an amazing idea. You will suddenly have decor that is not only back in style but is vintage and valuable, adding an extra bit of impact when used for your event. This tactic works best for fragile decor like vases or larger pieces of furniture. The better shape you can keep them in the more beautiful they will become over time.

In the end, the most important move you can make for your decorating skills is to keep them updated. Make sure you’re exploring all the possibilities when it comes to making up a room. Use the space you have wisely, and do your decorating homework.