Top 5 Unusual Event Decorations

Top 5 Unusual Event Decorations

When it comes to decorating we all love to see something new. It’s exciting and inspiring to see classic decor with an unexpected twist. However, seeing something unusual used creatively can really make an event stand apart. That’s why I want to share with you some of the amazing yet weird decorations that I have come across in my years of event planning. 

Here are my top 5 unusual event decorations. I hope these odd touches encourage you to try something new!

1. Bedazzled Umbrellas

Now, this is an idea. Sparkling, beautiful, elegant, the perfect decor for everything from a baby shower to a spring get-together. You can get them in all different colors, with hanging beads or without. The fabric can be simply decorated with just a bit of gem or it can be entirely covered. They come in every size and are light enough that they can be strung together to make an interesting roof or be handed out to individuals. They are functional and beautiful.

2. Vegetable Candle Holders

Asparagus, artichokes, and green beans, oh my! I never imagined someone using vegetables as decorations outside of the fall season, let alone as elegant candle holders. Who thinks of wrapping green beans around a candle with a green silk ribbon? Yet it looks so pretty! This concept is everything right with strange decor. Think about your theme and what foods go with it. The more creative and directly related the better.

3. Indoor Trees

I absolutely love the idea of using trees inside to decorate your event. They make fake trees that you can rent and place where you like, or you can try and find a greenhouse venue that grows real living trees inside their facility. Trees make amazing stands for string lights or poles for hanging banners and work well with almost every color. Plus, there is something surreal about having trees inside, it can give your event a whimsical or fantastical feel.

4. Feather Bouquets

Feather bouquets are an amazing twist on traditional flowers. Still elegant and beautiful, but with a different feel. Feathers can provide the same variety of colors while being delicate and exciting. My personal favorite is the goose or duck feather-style bundles. They can be created in all different sizes and be used as centerpieces or hung on chair backs.

5. Odd Serving Platters

Getting creative with your serving platter can make your guests dining experience one they will never forget. Don’t be afraid to think about what theme-matching items you could use to serve your guests. If you have ever been to a certain barbeque restaurant chain you know that they serve large platters on big trash can lids. It makes for a pretty huge wow factor. Although, I bid you a warning with this concept, make sure the serving method fits in with your theme! Serving food on a weird platter just for its sake can turn the wow factor into a weird factor.

Overall, I hope this encourages you all to have fun with your event decorating! Don’t be afraid to think out of the box when planning what materials or concepts you want to include with your theme. Try making your own top 5 unusual event decorations and see what you can come up with!