Tips for Planning Birthday Parties for Kids

Tips for Planning Birthday Parties for Kids

In the media, kid’s birthday parties are played up to be huge and elaborate affairs – but that just isn’t reality. ⁠In truth, kids won’t remember a huge birthday bash with a ton of people with the same fondness as they will for a smaller party filled with fun, laughter, and really good cake. Bigger isn’t always better. 

When you’re planning a kid’s birthday party there are a few key questions to ask yourself: 

How old is the birthday boy/girl going to be?

Age determines more than the guest list and appropriate activities! You can do a lot with their age. Turning 10? The theme could be ten, or double digits – you could make sure there are multiples of ten for everything! Sweet 16? Helium number balloons are extremely popular with young girls, and 16 always looks great. 

Will you be providing the food? 

Kids can be extremely picky eaters. Especially if there are no parents around to convince them into eating their vegetables. It’s important to play it safe with foods when considering options for a children’s party. Plain items, like cheese pizza and fries, are safe options, but dress-it-yourself burgers, hot dogs, and desserts are always a huge hit! If you go the make-it-yourself route adding in some more adult toppings – like jalapeno peppers – is a nice touch for any parents attending the party. 

What activities will there be? 

Activities tie right back to age. While younger kids might be delighted with pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, the pre-teens might not be quite as interested. Ask the birthday boy/girl what their favorite things are – shows, movies, books, songs, creators – and do a quick google search if you’re not familiar with them. Chances are, you can morph any activity into a version that the birthday boy/girl will love. 

Planning a party for someone so much younger than yourself can be intimidating. Especially if you’re planning for a client and don’t have many kids in your life. It seems that interests change so quickly when we are young! The most effective way to plan a successful birthday party for children is to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to send that clarification email, or to knock on their door if you’re planning as a parent, and find out exactly what they want!