Tips for Back-to-School Party Planning

Tips for Back-to-School Party Planning

The kids are going back to school so it’s time to party. One last summer party for the kids, one for the parents! Both will be celebrating back-to-school, but how to plan a back-to-school party? Let us break it down for you!


Make a list of everyone that you want to be invited – school/summer friends, cousins, neighborhood kids? Consider how many people you can have in your home/yard without it being too crowded. You also need to decide if the parents will be invited as well, as that easily doubles your guest list and will change your menu considerably.

Once you have a guest list nailed down you’re good to move on with the rest of the planning.


The invites can be as simple as an email, phone call, or text – it’s not a formal event! However, getting the kids involved and making some hand-made invites can be a sweet touch. Go a step further and hand-deliver your invites to really give your kids the feeling of hosting their own party. (Just be sure each invite is labeled accurately with dates and times!)


When planning your menu you first have to consider what time your guests will be arriving. Will you have snacks readily available with one main meal? Will everything be serve-yourself? Many back-to-school parties are potlucks, but remember to communicate that clearly to your guests so you don’t end up short on the food!

You may also want to consider having some more elevated food choices if parents are invited. The kids may shy away from the hot sauce but the parents are sure to love the inclusion.


Keep in mind while planning a back-to-school party it is all about celebrating the end of a season. Summer is almost done and this will be one last chance to enjoy it. Focus on what the group different groups will want to participate in. The kids may be all about the water balloons and popsicles while the parents opt for pool loungers and cocktails.

Ensure that you have a rainout plan. Movies and blanket forts are a great indoor alternative for the kids while giving parents the chance to relax on their own. However, consider embracing the rain – as long as it’s safe to do so, dancing in the rain and jumping in the puddles is an activity kids are sure to love.

For some back-to-school time isn’t something to celebrate – but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to make it fun! When children are young school is a lot more exciting and parents are often eager for the much-needed break. (This is also a great way to celebrate with friends and family as restrictions lift!)