The Six A’s of Event Planning

The Six A’s of Event Planning

An essential part of event planning is using the A6 Event Planning Formula. Using this framework allows you to cover six different event experiences and ensures that you are giving the highest quality in each. For every event you plan, consider these six dimensions. 


The first layer on the A6 Formula is anticipation. To hold an event, you need to build your guest’s excitement. How are you going to do that? You are setting the tone and raising the expectations of those invited to take part. For the most part, the anticipation of your event stems down to the invitations sent out or the messaging to raise awareness.

You want your invitations to include all the information about the event such as the location, style, theme, dress code, and so forth. If your invitations are too vague, it may deter potential guests, as there is not much to hook them on. You also want to include what they will expect from the night to help evoke further excitement. In other words, they need to be convincing! If you are marketing the event through social media instead, your content needs to have the same WOW factor.

The Facebook page needs to have all the information. This messaging will spark a buzz and get a conversation going. Remember, first impressions are always important. Your invitation could be that first impression that makes or breaks the event.


Even before your event begins, the arrival significantly impacts your guests’ enjoyment of the night. This is the second layer that needs more focus than you think! Just like the invitations, this is all about first impressions.

Your guests should be wowed from their arrival days later after the event. If your event requires you to find your ride, make sure that parking is easy to find and close to the venue. Another important factor is your directional signage.

Guests should easily be able to find the event, restrooms, and coat check. Decorating the entrance sets the theme’s tone before guests enter. 


This layer to the framework is quite simple but includes many details in the event planning process. When planning the atmosphere, you want to evoke the five senses. When people arrive, are they getting a fresh scent of lemon at a Sunday brunch charity or cinnamon spice at a Holiday Party? If you are going to incorporate smell, make sure that it doesn’t interfere or negatively impact the food you are serving. What are guests going to see around them? This includes the decorations, linen, table, chairs, and even the food presentation. You want to keep in mind the location, layout, and accessibility for your guests. The atmosphere is vital and should take a lot of focus and consideration.


This is the food and drinks you will be offering to your guests. You want it to match the occasion, palate, and budget of the event. The important part is you want to fulfill the appetite of every one of your guests. It has to be appealing and make sure to satisfy all taste buds. Include the four food groups to ensure that there is a variety but also is nutritious.

Make sure to address all your guests’ dietary restrictions or include food that gives options to those who may not care for something or not be able to eat it. For example, don’t serve just fish. Include chicken and vegan options, just in case. To ensure the best menu, work with your clients, venue, and caterers. Food is an essential aspect of your event; make sure to put a lot of effort in. Your guests will be able to see how much work was put in when the food is presented.


Your event’s success will create a legacy that carries on after completion. Still, you want to ensure that memory is left with guests. Your amenities are the details incorporated in the event. They are the keepsakes that guests can take home with them. They can be food, merchandise, etc. Keep in mind that being ‘green’ is very important for some people. Keep your favors eco-conscious and sustainable. 


The last layer of the framework is the activities. This is what you are offering to your guests to keep them entertained. Ask yourself, “what would they like to do?” When choosing the event activities, keep your clients, guests, and the overall theme in mind. It can be games, DJ, live music, dancing, anything! Whatever gets your guests in the mindset and mood of the event. Include the activities on your invitation is a smart choice, but also include some surprises throughout the night!