The Pros & Cons of Virtual vs. In-Person Events

The Pros & Cons of Virtual vs. In-Person Events

We live in an era where technology is at our disposal, but that can also mean that we are at the disposal of technology. We can use it to our benefit but if there are technology issues then we have to wait for it to be resolved or figure out something else.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of hosting online vs in-person. 

Pros of virtual events

  • Can reach more people
  • No one needs to travel (especially with today’s gas prices)
  • Very little expense for all involved
  • Can utilize closed captioning
  • Easier for those with mobility issues
  • Sick individuals could still partake if they were up to it
  • Less liability for the host
  • Don’t need to worry much about the weather
  • Less waste – more sustainable (no paper waste, food waste, transportation emissions)

Cons of virtual events

  • Limited interaction opportunity for attendees, other than through mic use if applicable
  • Isolation from others & no social interaction
  • Presenters don’t always know how the attendees are absorbing what they are presenting & can be harder to hold their attention
  • Technology, connection, & power issues
  • Collecting information from attendees can be more difficult or a separate aspect to organize
  • No photo opportunities

Pros of in-person events

  • Seeing people face to face & having social interaction
  • Easier to connect & network
  • Delicious food
  • Able to take photos
  • Can easily gather information from people

Cons of in-person events

  • Cost (venue, food, labor, etc)
  • Figuring out potential travel & accommodations
  • Outdoor events are subject to weather issues
  • Often not very eco-friendly

As you can see, depending on the type of event you are hosting it may be easier, more economical, less expensive & more convenient to consider a virtual platform over in person. If your event’s success depends on human interaction & experience, stick with the traditional form of event hosting!