Tea Party 101

Tea Party 101

Tea Parties can elevate your special event and help to create lasting memories. They work well at a variety of events! Maybe even the next one you host?


The tradition of Afternoon Tea is a British one; it conjures images in your mind of gloved old ladies and tiny sandwiches. This air of refinement is not necessarily something you need to have at a tea party, but it certainly is part of the charm. While people often think of tea parties as an intensely feminine event, Afternoon Tea is taken by both men and women, between lunch and dinner. Of course, your tea party could be held in the morning, afternoon or evening if you really wish. It is the type of event that you can bend to whatever your needs are.

The Hardware

Having a large enough tea set to host a tea party is not something that everyone has these days. Luckily, there are a number of event rental companies that you can rent expansive sets from. If you’re hosting a more casual tea party or an outdoor one, a better option may be visiting your local antique or thrift store and cobbling together a beautifully mismatched tea set. This will likely cost you less than renting fine china, as well as saving you a headache if any end up getting dropped or damaged.

The Menu

As a general rule of thumb, the food at tea parties is tiny. This includes the most well-known tea party menu items: cucumber sandwiches. These and any other sandwiches at tea parties always have the crusts cut off and usually include cream cheese. The sweets at tea parties are equally as tiny and particular, but also more finicky to attempt. There are many recipes online for tea party delicacies, but it may be wise to order in the dessert portion of the meal unless you are incredibly proficient at baking.

When Should I Host a Tea Party?

This is the fantastic thing about tea parties; they’re far more versatile than one might realize. Do you have a friend who loves watching The Crown or Downton Abbey? Throw them a tea party birthday. Do you have an old-fashioned grandmother or aunt who is retiring? A retirement party is a perfect opportunity to host a tea party. Of course, classic use of the tea party format is a bridal shower or baby shower. But that is not to say that you couldn’t host a tea party for no reason other than because you think your friends or family would enjoy it.

Finally, it is vital that you start planning your tea party well in advance of when you’ll be hosting it. Tea parties are times to celebrate refinement and you’ll want to focus on the tiny details so everything goes off without a hitch.