Take Your Kid to Work Day

Take Your Kid to Work Day

This is an old fashioned tradition, but Take Your Kid to Work Day can be reimagined to support a fun and collaborative working environment.

Start the Day with a Tour

Taking your children to work could be a risky move; depending on how young they are, they could end up being ornery and disruptive. Starting their day with a planned tour of the office will make them comfortable with the space and lower the risk of tantrums. A generous snack table would also help your chances.

“If I Were the Boss”

Have the children make posters detailing what changes they would make to the company if they were in charge–the more creative the better. If appropriate, they can present their improvements to the whole office or department. Activities like this will offer employees an opportunity to actually get work done while their child is busy. Another way of mitigating time loss is to encourage your employees to get more work done on the days leading up to Take Your Kid to Work Day.

A Mock Resume

This is another excellent little project for the little ones, and not so little ones. For older kids, having them build a rudimentary resume is a great way to introduce them to the idea of that they will also be working one day. Far too often, teens enter the job market with very little knowledge of how to write an effective resume, let alone complete an interview. If you have the time to invest in it, it would be a great educational (and fun) opportunity to do faux interviews.

A Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve got bored kids on your hands, an excellent impromptu activity is a scavenger hunt. Ensure that the items you hide are distinct enough that they won’t be claiming any old pencil they find on someone’s desk. Set a time limit, and let them have at it! Do make sure that the children are old enough and mature enough that they can be unsupervised for a period of time. The very last thing you want is a child to get hurt on a fun day like this.

Stay Organized!

This is the sort of day that you want planned out well in advance. But you can be sure that, if chaos is avoided, your employees and their families will find enrichment and fun through Take Your Kid to Work Day.