Super Bowl Party Ideas 2022

Super Bowl Party Ideas 2022

It’s that time of year again!

A time for football fans and foodies to gather around and watch the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals battle it out for the chance to win the Super Bowl title and take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy. If you are thinking of hosting a Super Bowl party this year, we have some fun ideas for you!

Watching the game in person with your family and tuning in to FaceTime with friends can be just as exciting as any other year! Whether you choose to hold a virtual event or a small get-together, here is some inspiration to make your 2022 Super Bowl a great one!

Game food

One of the most important parts of hosting a Super Bowl party is the food. There are many options of what kinds of food you want to serve. It all depends on how many guests, what activities you will be holding, and how long they will be attending. Finger foods or appetizers are a bite-sized way to offer guests food. They work great for a pre-game snack and allow for easy clean-up and eating. Make sure to jazz up your food station with fun decorations and a backdrop to help with the presentation. The backdrop will also double as a background for photos.

The game usually runs through dinner time, so don’t be afraid to eat around the TV. You don’t want to miss out on any of the action. Table nachos are easy to make and can be set out on a coffee table or table nearby. Layout the tin foil, drop the nacho chips and all the fixings, and dig in. Ordering in the usuals like pizza, wings, or burgers is always an option too.

Themed games

The football game doesn’t have to be the only entertainment of the evening. Incorporating different themed games will add an extra level of fun to the party. To keep everyone’s attention, play a game of football pool. This should be done before the game begins, and the winners will be picked each quarter of the game.

A popular part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. They are sponsored by well-known brands and get better and better each year! Why not enjoy the commercials and have some fun along the way! Play a round of Commercial Bingo. Whether the prize is money, a plastic trophy, or bragging rights, it will be fun no matter what! Each player gets a bingo card and tokens for every commercial that has something written on one’s card. The person to get the specified arrangement wins!

Besides games to play while watching the game, find some board or party games. When you’re waiting for the game to start, take out a football bean bag toss or trivia to build the anticipation.

All these activities can be done over FaceTime or virtual meeting software. That way you can host your party with friends but continue to stay safe! Happy Super Bowl 2022!