Summertime Catering Options

Summertime Catering Options

If you’re looking to save yourself/your caterer some time in a hot kitchen this Summer, you should consider alternative catering options.

Why Consider Different Options?

With the extreme heat that is hitting much of North America right now, nobody wants to cook. That includes your caterer! Additionally, if the kitchen or prep area is in the same building/vicinity of your event, this could significantly heat up the space. Air conditioners can only cool so much! If you want to mitigate risk, why not keep things streamlined and minimalistic?

The Options

There are more than you might think. If you’re cooking for an event at your home, or at a small venue, some of the best options include salads, charcuterie boards and sandwiches. Not only can these be made without using your stove and oven, but they can all accommodate dietary modifications well. When it’s hot, it is especially enticing to enlist family and friends to contribute their own low-prep dishes.

If you’re looking to hire a caterer for your event, the options for cold meals are oftentimes quite similar. What you will get is refinement and scale; you know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever compared your charcuterie board to a “grazing board” you saw online.

Summer Desserts

While the instinct may be to serve frozen desserts on a hot Summer day, it’s wise to steer clear of them. Any catering company would give you the same advice; it is too much of logistical hassle keeping things frozen. The exception would be if you are hosting a small event and have free access to a freezer.

Desserts can be refreshing and light, even if they aren’t frozen. Fruit and cheese are a refined dessert option you may want to consider; mild cheeses like gouda and brie do well with fruit. Really any fruit centered dessert is appropriate for Summer events; tarts and pies hold up well in the heat. The exception may be meringue pies.


This is perhaps the most important part of catering a Summer event; you don’t want your guests waiting for refreshments that you don’t have. For many events, it will likely be easier to provide individually canned beverages like wine, beer and coolers. For casual events, water bottles, or multiple self-serve water coolers will make it easier to keep up with demand.

Have you ever had a problem with keeping frozen dishes intact for an event?