Summer Staycation Ideas For The Whole Family

Summer Staycation Ideas For The Whole Family

This summer is different from others without a doubt but this is the time to shine at DIY projects and create your own vacay right in the comfort of your own home. 

Here are some great ideas that will have the whole family thinking they’re on a trip this summer. 

Backyard Camp Out 

Everyone loves a good camping trip, even if it’s just going as far as pitching a tent in your backyard. For those living in lofts and apartments setting up a simple mattress on the floor, or tent in the living room is fun too.

Getting a bowl of popcorn, enjoying a family movie in a different kind of setting is something simple but powerful to make it seem as good as a vacation. 

Exploration Adventures

Don’t underestimate the power of exploring new trails or a new park that you and the entire family can enjoy the scenery of.

With social distancing measures still in effect, large, wide-open spaces are the perfect outing this summer to do some hiking, site seeing and picnicking.

Take an Online Class

Taking a fun online class can be enjoyable for everyone, paint nights are a popular favorite. All you have to do is grab your brushes and colors and let the teacher or Youtube video guide you to a beautiful painting.

Another great form of online fun is online museum tours and exercise classes. This is fun for the whole family and gets everyone involved and excited.  

Host a Cooking Night 

For families that are big foodies each taking turns preparing a Master Chef meal can be loads of fun and then you get the added bonus that everyone gets to try each other’s food afterward.

Start by all cooking your own appetizer and move up to baking, desserts, and fun entrees. 

Have a Spa Day

Take turns treating each other to some fun face masks, and some mani and pedis. Everyone needs a little TLC now and then, even dad.

This idea is great for a rainy day, or just a day for everyone to relax, enjoy, and maybe end the spa day with a sweet treat like some ice cream for some extra self-care. 

I hope these ideas become useful in your summer planning or at the very least spark some creative ideas of your own for you and your family to enjoy. 

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