Simple Decor – Big Impact

Simple Decor – Big Impact

The decor sets the stage for all types of events. It can play an important role in the success of any event, whether it is a family gathering, wedding, corporate event, birthday party, etc. ⁠Focusing on keeping a flow with decorations helps to create an excellent atmosphere for your event. Remember, it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference when it comes to decor.

Focus on Lighting

Lighting is extremely key at events, not just for functionality but for design. It can make or break an event. Make sure you find the right lighting for your event that works for you. It can make your space look bigger and brighter even without lots of decorations. 

Create a Centerpiece

Centerpieces can add a lot to an event’s decor. Look at the table as a gallery and pump it up with a simple centerpiece design. This can add texture to your whole room. Candles, candy, and more can add a simple touch.

When dealing with a small space, you want to use shorter arrangements. Tall pieces attract attention to the ceiling, whereas shorter pieces draw guests inwards. Low vases and books are always a great addition to a table setting.

Include Flowers

There is no better way of welcoming your event guests than having fresh flowers at your venue. Research shows that just being exposed to flowers can lift our mood, reduce anxiety, and improve memory. They are beautiful, simple décor connecting indoor and outdoor in a warm and welcoming manner.

Fresh flowers are a wonderful way of decorating your event space. It makes your venue appear more polished and adds interest to any space.

Statement Pieces 

Showstoppers are always a great way to wow your guests and create a memorable experience. To create this feeling on a smaller scale, try using unique statement pieces that are eye-catching. Getting creative with serving platters can serve as a pretty big wow factor. Think about items that match your theme that can be used to serve food/present food. Make sure they match your theme, you don’t want the wow factor to be turned into a weird factor and confuse your guests.

Open Up a Small Space 

When dealing with a smaller venue, you want to make the space feel as open as possible. You don’t want your guests feeling tight or cramped. Skip the use of big or low hanging ceiling decor to open up the space. Hanging objects will shorten the space and create a cramped appearance. You can also make a space feel airier by removing table skirts, this will allow the legs to show through and create a more open and modern look to your event.

Less is More 

When decorating your event space, you want to achieve the perfect balance of beautiful yet simple. You want your decor to accent your event rather than crowd it.  Whether you are working with a big or small venue, making the atmosphere feel open and uncluttered is going to create a positive ambiance to the room. 

When it comes to your decor at an event, don’t be afraid to try various ideas to see which one works for you and your theme.