Signs Event Planning Is For You

Signs Event Planning Is For You

It takes a mix of organization, creativity, and determination to be in the event industry! For event planners, no day is the same and no event is the same.

Some people were born with a passion for event planning. If you identify with any of the below factors event planning might be for you!

You love working with people

You are respectful, courteous, and do everything in your power to make people happy and you love doing it! Good customer service skills are at the heart of successful event planners. 

You will be working with clients and vendors to produce amazing events and some of these clients will be challenging. You have to be able to see the situation from your client’s point of view and identify the concerns. 

You’re Super Organized  

You type A and have a plan for everything and a backup plan as well. You have many lists to get things done and deadlines you set for yourself. Strong organizational skills are a must for event planning.

You have great communication skills

Having good communication skills is a must! As an event planner, you will be working with any different people on a daily basis. 

Having excellent communication skills means:

  • Being able to relay important information in short, concise, informative messages. 
  • Using proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation 
  • Keeping on top of your own emails, texts, etc., and replying to all messages in a timely manner.
  • Anticipating what people might ask you and answering questions
  • You are super creative

You love pinning on Pinterest and have many boards with ideas, designs, etc.  You love thinking about different themes and events. Event planning is a highly creative profession. Your clients have a theme and vision for the event but it is you who makes it happen 

You’re a problem solver & a quick thinker

When things go wrong you stay strong and tackle them right away. You are not afraid of daily problems and can tackle them like a champ. As an event planner, you face many emergencies and have to figure out a quick solution It’s your job to plan ahead and have contingency plans in place for anything that can go wrong. 

If this list sounds like you, then it means you were born to be a professional event planner!