Selling Branded Merchandise at Events⁠

Selling Branded Merchandise at Events⁠

Branded merchandise is a great way to build brand awareness! It involves your customers in your business community by making them brand ambassadors. It is a very easy and inexpensive way to promote your business or brand and keep people talking about it after the event.⁠

If you are hosting an event, why not try selling some branded merchandise?

⁠Here are some tips to set you up for merchandise sale success!

What to Sell

First, you want to make sure that the products you have will be of interest to your guests! Would they prefer a tote, water bottle, and hat, or a sweater, keychain, and Flashlight? The answer to this is going to depend on what your brand represents and the demographic of your guests. Eco-friendly products are a huge deal right now, so it’s hard to go wrong there. 

Make your products stand out from other similar lines. They can be classy or rustic in design. Consider using a relatable slogan or quote instead of just the brand name or logo! Just remember to consider your audience, the event itself, and the brand image. If it looks good it will sell, so pick the nicest colors and styles that are in season and on-trend, while still being on brand. 

Another option is to bundle your merchandise with other products or services that you sell even with tickets prior to the event. You could also offer deals or free merchandise with the purchase of a regularly sold product or service. Who doesn’t love a deal or freebie?

Promote Your Merch!

Next, you want your guests to be prepared to purchase the merch. Be sure to advertise the products on social media and on your website. This allows you to notify them that it will be available and show off the product in the best ways possible. You can utilize your merchandise further by offering a giveaway before and/or during the event. This creates excitement about the product and event. Win/Win! 

Keep Track

Obviously, you will want to use a strong point of sale system to use to keep track of your sales and revenue! Speaking of, make sure that you price your products fairly for both your guests and your company. You are going to want to do some market research to see what others are selling similar products for. It’s also a good idea to consult Google for extra tips on how to determine your pricing. We could write a whole second blog on that topic! 

Display Matters

When it comes to your product booth, place merchandise tables in a couple of spots at the venue, if possible, and in the highest foot traffic areas! This could be near the doors, not too close but not too far from the washrooms, or near food stands. You will want to make sure the display is easy to access and easy to view the items. They should be displayed nicely. You don’t want the setup to be too crowded and you want it to be eye-catching, with good lighting. Hopefully, you have some confident volunteers or employees to work the booth and draw in a crowd. 

Follow these tips and your event & merchandise are sure to leave a lasting impression! 

Will you consider selling branded merch at your next company event?