Secret Santa with a Twist

Secret Santa with a Twist

Secret Santa is one of the best Christmas games out there. It’s practical and effective at keeping costs down while keeping everyone involved. It’s a popular gifting method among big families and coworker groups. 

For anyone not in the know, the premise of Secret Santa is simple. Everyone puts their name in a hat and agrees on a budget. Then everyone picks a name and they are responsible for getting just that one person a gift. Some groups like to add excitement to secret Santa by making everyone guess who had their name, or by having Secret Santas drop off goodies all month long. 

In 2020 the beauty of Secret Santa games is that they require zero physical contact! There are sites, such as Elfster, that allow everyone to put their name in virtually. The site then randomly assigns everyone someone to buy for – it even allows for people to upload a wish list.

There are hundreds of different ways to put a fun twist on Secret Santa, but these are our top ten!

  1. Mail your gifts in multiple packages. Use random and far off places as the return addresses.
  2. Decide that every gift should include some sort of charitable donation. 
  3. Make a rule that gifts have to start with the same letter as the name of the person who is giving the gift. (This is extra fun if you’re in a large group and have the freedom to get really creative!)
  4. Instruct everyone that all gifts have to be homemade! 
  5. Set a ridiculously low price limit – such as a $2 – it can be fun to see how creative everyone can get. 
  6. Wrap gifts in anything EXCEPT wrapping paper. 
  7. Up the chaos by assigning everyone more than one name. 
  8. Have everyone give a speech with each gift they give – even if they don’t know the person well!
  9. Make a rule that everyone must buy a gift from small, family-owned businesses.
  10. Dictate that all gifts should follow a certain theme, such as food, or a specific color. 

Oftentimes, people are part of multiple Secret Santa games per year. Make yours stand out by adding one or two special rules. Mix it up as the years go by and soon you’ll be everyone’s favorite Secret Santa host.