Quick Guide to Party Favors

Quick Guide to Party Favors

As an event planner, one of the most important aspects of an event (besides the actual thing!), is the stuff that happens after. No, we’re not talking about clean-up or tipping the caterers. You want people talking about your event after it happens. Hopefully, your guests are praising the event in the days, weeks, and even months to follow! Of course, you should do everything possible to make this happen organically, but giving yourself a bit of a boost is never a bad idea. Party favors are a great way to stay at the top of a guest’s mind – at least for a few days, which is when they’re most likely to sing your praises! 

Party favors can be broken down into three main categories: consumable, usable, and commemorable. Sometimes, party favors contain multiple small items, other times they’re just one larger item. Analyze your event, your guests, and your purpose and decide what works for you!


Consumable party favors can take any form from mini bottles of bubbly to decorative cookies to packs of candy. If you decide to include an edible gift in your party favor make sure it’s good and isn’t likely to spoil quickly or break easily. In theory, guests should want to share their goodies with their families back at home!


A usable party favor is typically branded – think pens and notepads! You want guests to think back to your event when they absentmindedly doodle on the phone pad. Logos will likely be those of your client, but if it makes them think about your event, consider it a win!


Decorative party favors are always a big hit at weddings and showers. They’re small pieces that end up on display in the homes of your guests. Your goal should be that your favor ends up standing out from other decorative pieces! If you have the budget for it, polaroid photos and small stands for them are always a sweet touch and they end up being completely unique for every guest!

When it comes to party favors, a good trick is to think back on all the events you’ve attended. Did they have favors? Did any of them stand out to you? Do you still use any of them? Ask yourself these questions and speak to your client. What do they like? At the end of the day party favors can benefit everyone involved – on stage and behind the scenes.