Quick Guide: Photo Booths

Quick Guide: Photo Booths

Disclaimer: We at Friedman Productions know photo booths are not COVID friendly at the present moment, but we have high hopes for the future! Please make note of guidelines in your area before arranging a photo booth at your event.

If you’ve been to events in the last few years you’ve probably experienced or at least seen a photo booth. Sometimes they’re old school, with the full booth and the curtain, or fancy, with a photographer and lighting to match. These are great options if they fit into your budget, but they can be pricey. Creating a homemade photo booth is both cost-effective and fun for guests. Check out everything you need to know below! 

Props and Backdrops 

The first thing you want to consider is props and backdrops. For a backdrop, we recommend going with something simple. Something that suits the theme of your event but in a color that won’t clash with outfits. Sticking with neutrals such as whites, greys, and blacks is ideal. Using black backdrops will make outfits pop! It’s important to ensure that your backdrop has a matte rather than glossy finish. This will prevent unwanted glare if photos are taken with flash.

Props are where the real fun begins. A trip to your local dollar or party store quickly becomes the fuel for photo booth props. You should aim to have some of your props in line with the theme of your event, but the rest can be completely random. Things like oversized hats, signs, and brightly colored wigs are always a hit! 

Who is taking the photos? 

The next thing to consider is who is taking the photos – a designated photographer or your guests? 

While having a designated photographer seems like a no-brainer for guest convenience, it may not be the route you want to go. Hiring a photographer specifically for your photo booth is an expense you might not want to shoulder, especially if you’re also looking to get shots throughout the entirety of your event. Letting guests take photos on their phones lets them have access to the pictures immediately and saves you the cost.

Tip: Encourage your guests to use an event-specific hashtag when posting their images on social media!

Photo booths are a great activity for guests and often produce some great images and even better memories. And, as we know, any positive moments from your event act as free advertisement for your next one.

Will your next event have a photo booth?