Quick Guide: Gift Basket Edition

Quick Guide: Gift Basket Edition

When you walk into an event, what’s the first thing you notice? More than likely, it’s the way everything looks, from the decor to the food, to the prize table. If you’re giving out prizes, whether through games, raffles, or awards, there’s likely to be a gift basket included. These baskets always seem to be overflowing to the point that you can’t really tell what’s in them. They’re presented beautifully, immediately catching the eye of guests. 

Keep reading for our guide on creating the perfect gift basket for your event. 

Pick the Right Basket 

First things first, you have to pick the right basket for the occasion – and there’s a lot to consider. As we’ve discussed in previous blogs, bigger isn’t always better, and that applies here as well!  A bigger basket might seem like the way to go, but a larger basket means a lot more filling to get that perfect, overflowing look that you want to go for. A smaller basket could very easily be packed with a few larger, more useful items and provide more value. Therefore, making it the ideal prize. When in doubt, grab a smaller basket. 

Fill it with Goodies 

The exact items in your gift basket are going to depend on a few variables: the theme of the event, budget, and the recipient. If you know ahead of time who will be receiving the basket, it’s nice to add a personal touch – something as simple as their name can go a long way! 

Overall, there are some general items that fit into the theme of most gift boxes: 

  1. Baked goods – as my Grandma would say “homemade is best!”
  2. Coffee cups or other glassware, matching the theme of the event. 
  3. Gift cards!
  4. Alcohol – if you know the recipient will be of age. 
  5. Useful items themed to the event – for example, golf balls at a golfing event!

Wrap it Up

To wrap or not to wrap, that is the question! Leaving your gift basket unwrapped allows everyone to get a good look at what’s inside. However, if there’s nothing to secure everything into the basket, you can’t fill it as much. Wrapping the basket in a clear plastic, allows you to strategically place everything, so your gift looks full and exploding with goodies! You can tie off the top with ribbon or a bow for a decorative (and functional!) touch.

Have you ever won a gift basket at an event? Or been given one as a gift? They’re almost always a big hit. They can seem endless as you dig through them – they provide so much excitement! Gift baskets serve as a great addition to any prize or awards line up.