Quick Guide: Event Sponsorships

Quick Guide: Event Sponsorships

Potential sponsors are everywhere. From the small shop down the road to multi-million dollar corporations, anyone can be your sponsor. The hard part is picking the right one for you. Sponsors can offer a wide array of benefits, everything from physical gifts, to gift cards, to straight-up donations. It can be intimidating and overwhelming.

Here are some important aspects to get you started:

How to Choose a Sponsor

Not all sponsors will offer something that benefits your event. The key to picking the right sponsor is understanding your event goals, needs, and value offerings. Most importantly, you should be choosing a benefactor that helps with reaching goals and meeting needs. They should be able to help you while not getting too much or too little in return.

How to Incorporate the Sponsor

Sometimes sponsors are happy to simply have their name on the event and sometimes they want to be a part of the action. Once you have chosen the sponsors that work for your event you want to come to a mutual agreement achievable by both parties. Be careful not to promise a sponsor something unrealistic in return for their offering, and don’t be afraid to let them pitch in. If they want to offer their building, staff, or something similar alongside their attendance let them help out.

How to Keep a Connection

After the event has finished you don’t want that connection to drop, a past sponsor is a great contact to have in your professional network. Sponsors may also offer to support your next event if they had a good experience, therefore, keeping in contact could be crucial to building a lasting mutually beneficial relationship.

Ultimately, you must remember that potential sponsors mean business. They want to benefit from your event just as much you. Be an effective communicator in your pitch and clearly present what makes your event worth it!