Quick Guide: Event Entertainment

Quick Guide: Event Entertainment

The worst thing an event could be is boring. It looks bad on you, it looks bad on the hosts, and guests leave early. The best way to avoid the horrors of boredom is to book entertainment for your event. When it comes to booking entertainment there are many different avenues you can explore. 

Tip: If you/the host wouldn’t enjoy the entertainment, your guests likely won’t have much interest either. 

Traditional Entertainment 

Traditional entertainment is the entertainment you are used to seeing and hearing at an event. It’s usually static, confined to a stage or section of the room. This entertainment is usually centered around some sort of a musical performance, be it a singer or a live band. 

This type of entertainment works well for events that last a few hours and encourage mingling, such as a wedding reception. However, when it comes to live music you have to keep in mind that artists will need a break. Plan for these breaks to avoid any awkward silences. This could be as simple as plugging your phone into an aux cord. Alternatively, you can request entertainers time their breaks in such a way that music doesn’t falter. 

Unique Entertainment 

Unique entertainment focuses more on performers than it does musicians. They create a story through their movements and generally draw eyes from wherever they’re situated. This can range from circus-based acts – think magicians and acrobats – to small skits put on by actors and actresses. 

When considering performance-based entertainment you must ensure that they have ample space for their work. If their act involves moving about the venue (such as a clown at a birthday party might) then you must ensure that chairs aren’t too close together for movement. 

Digital Entertainment 

These days, so many events are in a virtual format. They’re safe and cost-effective, so we will likely continue seeing digital events in the future. However, these events can quickly become boring, so hosts and event planners have to work extra hard to keep the attention of guests. That is when digital entertainment comes into play. 

Rather than performances and musicians, any digital entertainment is likely to focus on speakers in an interactive format. Hiring a professional to speak on a relevant topic in a dynamic way keeps guests engaged and active. Experiment with different forums and have a practice run with your speaker to ensure things run smoothly for your virtual event.

Regardless of the entertainment you hire, if at all possible you should have a private space dedicated for your musicians/performers. A place where they can safely leave their belongings and unneeded props. This area can also serve as a private break room.

We always recommend hiring entertainment for an event. It gives guests something to chat about and keeps things moving along nicely. As an added bonus, an event with good entertainment can serve as a reflection of your event planning services!