Presenting Awards and Accolades

Presenting Awards and Accolades

Sometimes the purpose of an event is to give awards. If you’re planning for a client, they may act as the master of ceremonies or they might ask you. So let’s talk about presenting awards and accolades at events! 

Physical Awards

First thing first, will you be giving a physical prize? Whether it’s a small statue or a large gift basket, you need to ensure that your awards are pleasing to the eye. Guests should want to walk away with your prizes, it should be something they are excited to show off, not something that ends up in the back of their closet. If you are giving multiple awards, ensure that you are consistent throughout the prizes. Not everything needs to be exactly the same – in fact, a little variance is encouraged – but the aesthetics, such as the color scheme should be similar. If possible, personalizing the awards to the recipients is always a nice touch! 


Whether you are presenting or your client is, there is a lot to take into consideration when preparing for this part of your event. Consider the setup – will you need a stage, microphone, lights, and speakers? Double and triple check in soundcheck. Ensure that everyone, no matter where they stand in the room, can hear clearly. Familiarize yourself, and anyone else who may need to use the technology, with how things work to prevent any mishaps during the presentation. 

If you are presenting the awards yourself, prepare. Write yourself a script. You needn’t recite it perfectly, but having an idea of what you are saying and when can help fight off stage fright. Transcribe your script to cue cards. The act of hand transcribing will serve as a way to commit your speech to memory. Practice in the mirror and in the venue, especially if you’re one to get nervous when public speaking. Rehearse pronouncing challenging names or words slowly and clearly.

Adding an awards section to the itinerary of an event can be intimidating – but it can also be exciting! Awards give your event some added structure and keep all guests invested and involved. If your event is virtual, remember to get the correct shipping addresses for all of the recipients!

Fun tip: you can add awards to any event for a fun quirk. Awards given at a birthday party or a family BBQ can get a lot of laughs if the awards are fun titles! Give small prizes for “most likely to” based awards.