Pre-Packaged Snacks 101

Pre-Packaged Snacks 101

Your guests finish their delicious meal and now it’s time for dessert or even snack time! They scope out the refreshment table. Guests are bumping into each other, touching more than just the item they put on their plate, holding up the line while deciding over what to choose; there has to be a better way! Thankfully, there is! The solution is pre-packaged snacks and I’ll share with you why.

Easy Prep, Organization and Clean Up⁠

It’s simple enough to lay desserts & snacks out on a tray but sometimes this can look messy or cluttered, especially once everyone starts digging in. With pre-packed, it’s easy to measure out the amounts for each guest, keeps the table looking neat and organized, and at the end of the event, it’s easy to pack up. Plus, if there are any leftovers, you can easily hand them out to guests to take home!

Helps with Traffic Flow

With pre-wrapped snacks, it makes it quick and easy for guests to snag a pack & walk away without having to load their plate or take time to find the biggest brownie on the platter. Another nice thing is that it eliminates much of the germs from people breathing over and touching all the items on the table. Food is kept safe from contamination since it is wrapped in its own packaging.

Another option is to hand out your pre-packed items as guests arrive. This eliminates the need for a refreshment table. Guests can eat whenever they get hungry and don’t have to feel embarrassed walking up to the table to grab something to eat.

Style or Branding Opportunity

Another great aspect of serving pre-packed snacks is that it allows an opportunity to personalize the product or event. Companies can add their logo or that of a sponsor. Weddings can use the couple’s monogram and birthdays or other events can incorporate their theme in the wrapping. This includes stickers, ribbons, paper etc, adding a personal touch & extra detail to the table.

So whether it’s organization, flow of traffic or adding a special touch, it’s easy to see the benefits of serving pre-packaged snacks. Will you consider serving pre-packed snacks at your next event?