Planning Your Next Event To Be Post Pandemic Friendly

Planning Your Next Event To Be Post Pandemic Friendly

There is no doubt about it, planning an event right now for the future is tough. Living in the new normal means adapting to new rules & regulations. 

Here are 5 tips and tricks on how to plan your next event without having to set a date yet. 

#1. Map Out The Idea.

First, you need the idea & the details of the event together to be able to work around new COVID-19 guidelines. Come up with details such as:

  • The guest list 
  • The theme (if there is one)
  • Activities 
  • Location
  • Time (Date) 

This is a great way to get organized & map out what you want your event to look like and then make tweaks and edits based on the COVID guidelines in your area. 

#2. Do The Research.

Figuring out what venue, or area you’d like to host your event and if that’s possible during this time. Then research the details, what are the restrictions in your area post-pandemic? How many guests will you be able to invite? 

Based on the procedures in your own area this may change the layout or look of the event. 

#3. Make Modifications. 

Think about things such as spacing to make sure everyone can practice safe social distancing while still being able to interact and mingle with other guests. Other things to consider when making modifications to your  invent include:

  • Food access and how people are getting it, stick to silverware instead of finger food. 
  • Consider setting up hand washing stations if space allows or if not putting a bottle of hand sanitizer on each table. 
  • If there are games and activities planned, alter them to be contactless, or involve minimum contact with one another. 

Making small modifications like these helps guests to feel safe and secure allowing them to mingle & enjoy their time instead of getting stressed out. 

#4. Start a Group on Social Media. 

Starting a group on Facebook, or Instagram or maybe even a group chat over platforms like Snapchat or iMessage is a great way to stay connected to your potential ‘attendees’.

This is a great tool to utilize to keep people updated, get their opinions, stay on top of who can make the event, and who cannot, and it’s a great way to allow for open conversation to allow potential guests to ask questions at any time. 

#5. Set a date, and a “back-up date” similar to a rain date that allows for people to plan, and to have a plan B if all else fails. 

If you absolutely need to set a date for an event such as a wedding make sure the date has a backup date as well just in case.

Another idea is preparing a virtual event itinerary similar to the in-person event to allow the event and guests to transition smoothly from in-person to online interactions, and group. 

I hope this helps you plan your upcoming event. Even using a few of these tips and tricks should ensure it is fun, memorable, and post-pandemic safe!