Pet Friendly Events

Pet Friendly Events

It’s true that not every event is appropriate to make pet friendly, but we say, why not?

Animal Amenities

If you’re going to welcome pets at your event, there are a few things you need to think about. Like any other guest, animals need a clean and appropriate place to go to the washroom; keep it private and out of the way.

For outdoor events, this is easy; just make sure there is a clearly marked area where pets should not go to the washroom. Of course, accidents happen, so be sure to provide more than enough cleaning supplies to get the event area back into tip top shape.

Most dogs are not cut out for extreme heat; if you are hosting an outdoor event it is essential they are provided with shade, grass and lots of water. If you want to go a step above, a dog pool or sprinkler would be an excellent idea.

Preparing for Conflict

At the end of the day, dogs are dogs. It can be overwhelming for dogs to be in a crowd of people and other dogs, just like it can be for us. There is no question that all dogs should be on leash at all times at your event, unless there is a fenced in area where they can play.

Most dog owners understand their dogs’ triggers and know when they should leave an event. Unfortunately, there may be a select few owners you might have to ask to leave, if their dog is creating too much conflict and chaos. Just like any other event, there may be a guest or two that gets too rowdy!


If you want your human guests to have a fun time, you need to ensure that their pets won’t get bored and impatient. This could mean a number of things; a fenced in area for dogs to play, a number of frisbees or balls to throw, or a small swimming pool for the dogs to play in.

It is also wise to provide snacks for your four legged guests; this will also help their owners keep them in line. You’ll want to opt for fairly generic treats, so that none of the dogs will get an upset stomach; no fruits or vegetables. Make sure you have the ingredients clearly displayed on a sign, so that no dogs suffer an allergic reaction.

Would you consider catering to animal loving guests and welcome their dogs at your next event?