Outsourcing VS. DIY – Food

Outsourcing VS. DIY – Food

A common thing to consider when planning your event is what food you will serve. Picking the style, flavors, and colors is all dependent on the type of event, the number of guests, and your budget. Once you have selected what you want to serve, the question remains how are you going to provide it to guests? Are you going to outsource to a catering company? The answer to these questions are all dependent on the event itself, the number of guests, and the resources available to you. 

There are four main types of caterers:

  • Corporate Catering
  • Wedding Catering 
  • Social Event Catering 
  • Concession Catering 

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a caterer for your next event.


Caterers have a lot of experience preparing food for a large number of people. Running out of food is less likely to happen since meals are made to match the final headcount of expected guests. They are flexible and offer many varieties for those with dietary restrictions. 

With the pandemic soon in another wave, the fear of having a large crowd around the food can be pretty nerving. Offering catering makes the flow of the food line easier. There is an eliminated risk of having guests crowding or grabbing food when it’s an inappropriate time. Guests don’t have to leave their tables. They have more time to talk while the food is served to them. In addition, most catering companies pride themselves on their service and food quality, and cleanliness. If food is presented in buffet style, have servers there to grab the food for guests, to limit the number of heads touching the utensils.

Hosting a large group of people can be costly if you are catering the event yourself. Most catering companies offer packages that include food, servers, and much more for a much lower price. They have access to discounted produce and provide the transport and serving of the food.


Like most events, what works for one may not work for another. Not all of them are the same and require different strategies to succeed. This is the same with food! While some catering companies can save you money, others can cause you to spend more in the long run. Make sure to consider all options before choosing one caterer and ensuring that it is beneficial to you and your event. 

Since catering companies base their quantities specifically on headcount, you need to have the exact number of people attending to finalize the menu. Your caterer menu is dependent on those to send in the RSVP in time. You may also have to send out meal cards in advance to determine any allergies or dietary restrictions before the event. 

On a final note, if you’re looking to hire a caterer for your next event, make sure to read online reviews and pricing options before making your selection.