Outdoor Events

Outdoor Events

It’s less than a week until it is officially Summer! Although, many of us have been experiencing some pretty beautiful weather already. If you’re looking to shake up your next event a little, an outdoor venue might be the perfect solution. Here’s what you need to know.

Start from the Top

The main concern for many people when planning an outdoor event is rain. This is especially true if you’re planning fairly far in advance; there is really no way to predict the weather. Even if sunny skies are predicted, we all know how unreliable weather forecasts are.

The solution: a sturdy tent. These need to be rented as early as possible, as everyone else will be scrambling to get tents. This is especially important if you’re planning an event on a holiday weekend. Providing enough sheltered space for your guests to be comfortable is extremely important; you don’t want the space crowded and too warm.

The Hardware

Depending on what sort of event you will be hosting, you may want to consider running electricity out to your space or tent. If your event will be going into the evening hours, electric lighting will be a necessity. Additionally, if there is any on-site cooking, or event equipment to keep food warm and drinks cool, electricity is essential. Some venues might be tricky to arrange outdoor electricity; make sure to plan in advance.

Beating the Heat

Rain isn’t the only type of weather you need to plan for; extreme heat can be just as much of a nuisance. You will likely need to plan to have more refreshments than you feel are necessary. Frozen drinks are always popular.

If you are serving alcohol for your event, your guests could get dehydrated and feel the impact of the heat more than they would if they weren’t drinking. You may want to plan to bring in cooling units for your tent if it’s relatively well sealed, or large fans if it is quite open. In case of dehydration or heat exhaustion, you will want to keep an emergency first aid kit available, though you should always have one available at any events you plan.

Enjoy your Summer events, and try not to get too heated about how potentially complicated it can be to plan an outdoor event. All you need to do is plan early, and plan well.