Labor Day BBQ Advice

Labor Day BBQ Advice

Summer is winding down and it’s time to host your annual Labor day BBQ! Invites have been sent but now what? How can you make this the most perfect Labor day BBQ?

Plan ahead & Prepare for everything

You may want to find recipes that can be prepared the day before so you can spend time with guests instead of being stuck inside making food. BBQing is an exception to this though, and a labor day staple. 

Grab some tablecloth weights to combat the wind and don’t forget to have your umbrellas & pop-up gazebos ready or use a space with trees to provide shade for the hot hours. 

Food & Drinks

A good idea is to consider serving bite-sized foods. This way guests can easily munch throughout the event instead of eating a full meal. This also helps to keep food fresh as platers can be refilled with extras from the fridge as the food is eaten. When it comes to the grill, mix up the foods to wow guests by choosing something outside of the traditional hamburger and hotdog. You will likely want to utilize insect nets or clear covers to keep bugs out of the food.

For dessert, we suggest offering something fresh and cool. Fruit trays or fruit salads are great options. You could also grill fresh fruit and offer it over ice cream. Who doesn’t love an ice cream bar?

Most parties aren’t complete without a little alcohol but be sure to offer plenty of water and choose something fun to serve, like fresh lemonade or a refreshing punch!  Don’t forget to have some sharpies out so guests can label their drinks & even the edge of their plate to avoid confusion.

HOT TIP: Disperse the food tables & drink coolers around the yard so no one has to wait too long in one spot.


Labor day is basically an end-of-summer party, so do it up with bright colors! You can integrate them strategically by purchasing colored napkins and plates. You could also use colorful lanterns and flowers. Candles and outdoor lights are an awesome extra for when the sun starts to set. Citronella candles are a great multi-purpose addition!


Food and chatting with friends are always a big draw but you also want to provide other forms of entertainment. Create a playlist with a little bit of everything on it to appeal to multiple guest preferences. Oversized lawn games are becoming more and more popular and provide hours of fun for adults and kids alike. Bonfires are always a nice way to wind down the event and you can’t forget the fireworks display (if you have a safe space to let them off, of course)! 

So, how will you change up your Labor Day event to add a special touch and wow your guests?