How to Throw the Best Oktoberfest Party

How to Throw the Best Oktoberfest Party

Oktoberfest 2020 may be canceled due to the pandemic, but you can still find a way to celebrate at home. There’s no better excuse to indulge and socialize than do to it as the Germans do. How do you do this without making that joyful journey to Munich? We have all the essentials for throwing your own Oktoberfest bash.

Setting the Scene

Ideally, you need a wooden table and bench known as a Biergarnitur, but if that isn’t available, go for a look as close as possible. Traditional Bavarian blue and white is the most common way to decorate your space. Don’t forget the Bavarian flag, banners, streamers, wreaths, and evergreens to add that Oktoberfest feels. A classic element is a beer tent, but that might be a big over the top for those in apartments or without outdoor space.

Oktoberfest Food

Oktoberfest isn’t complete without bezels (pretzels) and weisswurst (Bavarian sausage)! The pretzel and sausage are both served up with mustard. Also, for a light snack Gebrannte Mandelin (candied pretzels) is a super easy snack to make right at home. The smell of them cooking alone will turn your party into an instant volksfest.

Beer, Beer, Beer!

This is the most important aspect of the party, of course! Though you won’t be able to find the exact beer served at Oktoberfest, you can still find “Oktoberfest”-style beers at a store near you. One crowd pleasure is Hefeweizen, it goes best with the pretzel and sausage! Also, not only do you need a beer, but also the beer needs to be served in steins. In Germany, they wouldn’t use any other glasses!


For music, we have to stick with tradition and go with folk music. It really sets the tone for the party and gets people in the German mindset. A traditional song is “Ein Prosit der Gemutlickeit” and you typically raise your glasses and cheer while singing the song. All of the folk music you can dance and cheers to, how fun is that?!

Oktoberfest Outfits

No matter where you celebrate Oktoberfest, you should most definitely wear traditional Bavarian outfits. It adds a whole other dimension of awesomeness and authenticity to your party. Depending on your preference you would either wear a dirndl or lederhosen, which is the women’s and men’s traditional outfits.

Now that you have all the essentials you are more than ready to drink some beer as the Germans do! Don’t forget to do a costume contest for the best, most authentic party outfit!