How to Stay Connected With Friends & Family in 2020

How to Stay Connected With Friends & Family in 2020

A lot of people aren’t traveling or aren’t able to travel very far right now to see friends and family due to the pandemic. The times we’re living in right now are unusual and unfortunate however thanks to technology there are many ways to stay connected until meeting again in person. 

Here are some fun tips, tricks, and ideas on how to stay connected to loved ones who live a little further away right now. 


Even though having a picnic or dinner with friends and family may not be ideal right now, creating a dinner date over zoom can be a great way to get that in-person experience, similar to going to a restaurant together.

You can each cook the same dish or compare the different meals as a topic of conversation. Clinking cheers with your glass to the screen & setting up your mobile device across the table from you will make it seem like you’re really enjoying a nice dinner together & gain the same experience while making memories via the internet until you can meet in person for the real deal once again. 


There are many different events across social platforms offering online games, concerts, painting and other fun activities. Participating in these online things together can be fun for all parties even if you’re miles apart. 

Some great examples are:

  • Online Trivia nights 
  • Online paint nights 
  • Zoom Events/Hosting a Zoom event 
  • Online Yoga & Workouts 
  • Live concerts 

You can find events like these by checking out the event tab on Facebook, researching online events in your area, staying connected on Instagram,, and just by simply googling. 


Movies are simple, fun, and enjoyable. Looking to share the experience of going to the movies with someone who doesn’t live anywhere near you? 

Choosing the same movie and starting it at the same time while staying on the phone or Facetiming is a great way to talk to someone about what’s going on, and enjoy a movie together without having to actually be beside one another in person. 

This is a great idea for families that are trying to connect together & could be made into a new tradition too! 


Craving a winery tour? 

You can still get your group of girlfriends together and all buy the same wines & create an online event or meet up where you all participate in wine tastings of reds, whites, and roses. 

This is a great way to stay connected with friends and getting the experience of enjoying a glass of wine with one another. 

Adding a special dish to the mix to share with everyone how you made it and why you love it is a bonus and another thing to add to the fun & conversations. 

I hope these ideas keep you connected with everyone you’re missing right now and add some fun & lighten the atmosphere during this uncertain and difficult time. 

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