How To Save Money On Your Next Event

How To Save Money On Your Next Event

Like anything, whether you’re shopping for groceries, buying clothes, or planning an event, saving money is often a priority. Here are just a few ways to save money on your next event:⁠


Purchasing decorations can take a large portion of your budget. Be smart about where you are sourcing your decorations. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will be here soon. Plan for future events and take advantage of the sales! What’s better than buying new decorations? Reusing ones you already have. After hosting a few events, you tend to accumulate decor. Look through past event decorations. You may be able to reuse them. Sometimes, the “vintage” theme can help enhance the atmosphere of your event.


Branded merchandise and extras will also accumulate from event to event. When creating staff shirts, photo booth wallpaper, party favors, and extra decor, make them generic to be reused from event to event. Your brand will become recognizable and begin to have an established image. Regular attendees will become accustomed to your brand and the colors/style associated with it.


Another costly portion of the event process is the amount of paper used. Printing can be pretty expensive, so removing or cutting down that cost will help to open up your budget for other expenses. Technology has become quite prominent and is a massive asset for you. Make your event paperless and cut down on printing costs.


Whether picking the venue or hiring the caterer, it is crucial to consider a couple of options before selecting. Choosing the first prospect right away can result in you spending too much and missing a great opportunity. Look through various venue options that appeal to you and set up a meeting with each one. Negotiating terms that you are looking for can help create a better event and potentially save you money. 

Whether your budget is kind of tight or has lots of wiggle room, finding the best deal is always a good idea. If you’re planning for a client coming in under their budget is a great way to get a fantastic review! If you’re planning for yourself, the extra dollars saved can be filed away for your next event.