How To Plan An At Home Event For $50

How To Plan An At Home Event For $50

Hosting an event looks a lot different nowadays, with the most popular venues being backyards, BBQ’s & living room zooms.

So today we want to let you in on the best-kept secret of the summer: You can plan an at-home event for under $50.

Step 1: What’s The Event? 

Choose what kind of event you’re having, if it is a social distancing event, make sure you have enough space so people can space out so they’re 6 feet apart. If you’re hosting a zoom event setting a specific theme can make the decorating part easier. 

Step 2: Decorations

Decorating for a Zoom event is really fun and super minimal because they have different backgrounds and decor you can choose right on the platform. For a social distancing party, you can get simple, fun looking decor such as streamers, balloons, and a few party hats if it’s fitting. 

Step 3: Signature Dish

Have everyone make a different dish, an appetizer, dessert or entree and then share them in person or via zoom. One really great idea for the summer are simple fruit kabobs or a watermelon and feta salad!

Step 4: E-thank You Cards

Saving money on invites and thank you cards can be a huge cost-cutter. Switching to digital is the way to go for a more efficient, and budget-friendly way to save on the small stuff. 

Another great thing to note is where you buy your decorations, decor, and food. Choosing places that are known to be budget-friendly is always a smart decision as well as using money-saving tools like coupon apps.

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