How to Plan A Virtual Shower

How to Plan A Virtual Shower

From baby to bridal, these special significant moments in our lives should not go unnoticed, or uncelebrated, pandemic, or not. 

Have you ever heard of a virtual shower? It is really easy to plan so that everyone important in your life can be there to celebrate and you can also stay as safe & healthy as possible!  

Here are the quick and easy steps to make sure this event is one no one will forget. 

1. Choose the Right Platform

Zoom is the one I most recommend because it is easy to use, allows for up to 100 people, it’s completely free and you can create multiple rooms in one call so that it allows for mingling & chatting one on one with people. 


2. Include Cute Decor

If you are the host or guest of honor make sure that your space around you is decorated accordingly. You can make a digital invite header, and create zoom custom backgrounds to give the full effect of an in-person event. 


Think of games you can all play, there are so many guessing games at showers that you can still set up virtually. For example, take a jar of gumballs and send a picture out to the group ahead of time or during the shower to see who can guess closest to the right amount. Things like this are easy, simple, and fun for everyone to engage in together.

4.Thank You Cards

Sending out virtual thank you e-cards once the shower is over is always a great way to leave a nice, lasting impression of the event. 

Check out this checklist below to help you stay organized during the planning process. 

I hope all of these tips make your next virtual shower a great one, and if you need any extra help or are overwhelmed with the planning process that’s what I’m here for. Check out my website at and follow me on Instagram at @friedmanproductions.