How To Make Your Paid Event Better Than A Free One

How To Make Your Paid Event Better Than A Free One

Now that things in the world have shifted and businesses are turning to the digital world to bring in revenue, the biggest question posed is: How can your business compete against FREE events & offers?

You just need to follow a few key steps and everyone will understand why your event is worth every cent. 

With businesses adapting to a virtual world, there are a few things you can do to stand out from the crowd.

Be current

Provide current and emerging information. Having a conference in 6 months about the information that is relative now, will not gain you a large audience. 

Be first

Your speakers should be giving the audience information that they have not heard of before. The last thing you want is for your audience to drift their attention away from their screen. 

Be exceptional

The quality of your speakers as well as your information should be more important now more than ever. Provide your audience with quality over quantity. 

Be engaging

Developing a community of speakers and attendees that is active and gives the audience a sense of togetherness. Networking is a huge benefit of attending conferences. 


Give attendees freebies and worksheets with takeaway information as people will pay for content that they cannot get anywhere else.


Lower your admittance fee to 30-50% lower than your in-person rates. Cutting ticket costs will entice your audience with savings and still bring in revenue for your business. 


Focus your efforts on getting sponsorships from a few larger brands versus the sponsorships of many small brands.


Steer clear of the typical PowerPoint slides, instead use polls to interact with people and quiz and breakout sessions.

Ultimately, when you go to host an online event, remember that what makes you stand out above the free events is the value YOU hold, and the benefits YOU are offering to attendees that they could not find elsewhere. 

Competing with free will always be a challenge for any business, but by providing your audience with unique and fresh content will help you to rise above the free offers.