How to Incorporate Polaroid Cameras Into Your Event

How to Incorporate Polaroid Cameras Into Your Event

When polaroid cameras became “cool” again they were explosive – they could be seen everywhere! Both the cameras and the film were expensive, so to purchase just for an event wasn’t realistic. However, as more polaroid brands hit the market and become more commonplace, the prices have dropped, bringing polaroid cameras into the event space. 

There are a few different methods for incorporating polaroid cameras into your event, all in their own unique (but fun) style! 

Photo Guest Book 

A guest book made up entirely of photos is a fun twist on a traditional guest book. Instead of having guests sign their names and leave a message in a book, ask them to snap a pic of themselves. Leave out sharpies and pens so guests can sign their names. 

After your event, you can put all the photos into an album. It makes for a wonderful keepsake for the hosts! 

This method works particularly well for events of a more personal nature – such as a wedding or shower. 

Photo Booth

In last week’s blog, we dove deep into everything you need to know about creating and running a photo booth. The unique opportunity in using a polaroid camera is that guests get the experience of having an image right away. There’s a fun thrill in waiting for the photo to develop. 

While this creates an experience for your guests, consider this option carefully. If your guests want many images the film can get costly. However, you can consider implementing a limit to the images taken on a polaroid and have a traditional camera ready to be used as well. 

Free Range

This is the most costly option for including polaroid cameras in your event. We’ve nick-named it free-range because your guests have total control. This involves having multiple polaroid cameras placed throughout your event and encouraging guests to make use of them as they please! This is incredibly fun for guests, but a risk. You have to consider how much film you need to purchase and what happens if one of your cameras is stolen. 

However, you can make this free range lower cost by designating just a couple of cameras to hire photographers. 

Have you encountered polaroid cameras at any events you’ve attended?