How To Host A Successful Virtual Gala

How To Host A Successful Virtual Gala

Gala’s are a time when people come together to raise money for various charities and have the opportunity to drink and eat with friends they may not see often enough. The season, which typically starts in March and ends in mid-June, never had a chance to get off the ground this year. But, it doesn’t mean those organizations aren’t still craving the funds they raise from their annual gala. Queue a virtual gala.

Here are some top tips on how you can still raise those needed funds, virtually! Always remember the best way to ensure a successful event, virtual or in-person, is to hire a planner to help you with every step. 

#1. Decide What Kind of Virtual Gala You Want to Host

Deciding what kind of fundraiser to have will determine the planning efforts, and all the other aspects of the event, so start big with the idea and then narrow that down focusing on the details. 

Some ideas for what kind of virtual galas you can host include:

  • A live-streamed speech and program
  • A video conference presentation with questions and answers
  • A video conference trivia game or challenge
  • A silent auction. 

From here, you can begin to plan the detailed aspect of the event and prepare accordingly. 

#2. Set a Fundraising Goal

The goal of most, if not all Gala’s is to raise money for the non-profit charity the gala is in support of. So finding unique, fun, and meaningful ways to generate and create a fundraising goal is key for a successful event.

Since the gala is virtual be sure attendees have access to all links/websites where they can make a donation and decide what you will sell tickets for and what that accounts for in your fundraising goal. 

#3. Decide The Agenda For The Event 

Once you’ve decided what kind of gala event you’re having, you can plan the event timeline, and figure out what you’ll need to accomplish it.

PRO TIP: Setting an agenda for the entire planning process is key for a successful gala. Be sure to account for the time it will take to plan and arrange things prior to the day of the event and to have a separate timeline for the actual day of the gala. 

Be sure to think of things such as: do you need to live stream on a certain program to adhere to the number of guests invited, what will your location be, and/or will there be a dress code.

#4. Marketing & Advertising Your Event

People have to know about the event to attend so be sure to do as much advertising on social media, and traditional forms of media such as print and news if your budget allows. 

The more people that know the more donations and attendance you will have there for the more money you will raise for the non-profit charity. 

#5. Last Call Testing!

One day before the event you should do a quick test run, almost like a dress rehearsal to ensure the event will run smoothly and to edit any errors you have during testing to be sure the Gala runs smoothly at all times.

With these tips and tricks, your event is sure to be organized, well planned and successful. 

Let us know if you will be attending or hosting any virtual galas soon!