How to Host a Fun Event With 6 or Less People

How to Host a Fun Event With 6 or Less People

You can still save your summer! As we all get used to COVID-19 life,  I thought it would be fitting to let you guys in on 3 different events you can host with 6 people or less. Making sure they can still be fun, enjoyable, and a good time. 

Game Night

Game nights are always a go-to and amidst the pandemic how most of us have been kept entertained. 

Try making your own cornhole boards for the backyard or grabbing a few classics like Monopoly or Clue. 

Another great way to liven up the game night is by bringing in a recent favorite. Amazon has so many adult-specific party games if it’s a parents-only event, as well as some family-friendly options too. 

A great spin to have on these events is making up your own games. That way everyone can partake in them, as well as creating a prize for the person who wins the most games throughout the evening.  

Books, Booze & Brie

If you’re looking to get the ladies together and have a girls’ night, post-quarantine edition books are the way to go. 

You can all choose one book to read, or that you have read and have an event with wines and cheeses discussing your favorite things about literature, the book you read, the plots, characters and everything else you thought.

This is great because it is something everyone can have input in and can do so while still social distancing. Besides, name a better duo to have a casual conversation over than wine and cheese. 

This event idea is great for a group of ladies trying to reunite after a long few months apart, or can easily be made kid-friendly as well with rootbeer floats, cheese and crackers, and a kid-friendly read.

Beach themed

Although beach days aren’t a thing for many this year we can bring this summer favorite to life through a simple beach themed event.

Adding some grilled pineapple to the menu, mixing in some coconut cocktails, and adding some tropical scents to the event will have everyone feeling like they’re enjoying a fun day at the beach. 

Setting up a volleyball net, playing frisbee, or doing other beach activities in your backyard will give off a fun, beach vibe that will make everyone thankful for fresh air and good company.

A few other great things to add to your beach event could include:

  • Beach balls 
  • Tiki lights 
  • Some water toys + accessories 
  • Seashells
  • Mini umbrellas for drinks

A simple google search for beach decor can also help bring this event to life and really get the look and feel you’re looking for. 

I hope these event ideas help you to save the summer while social distancing but still having all the fun you can have. 


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