How to Have a Great Independence Day Party

How to Have a Great Independence Day Party

The Fourth of July is just around the corner. If you’re planning on hosting a party, you should get to it!

Get Everyone on the Same Page

This is an excellent holiday to get together with family and friends; kids are off school and most people are off work. If you’re planning on hosting a get-together, you will likely be competing with people’s other plans and trips. Depending on how big your party will be, this could make it difficult to keep track of who is actually attending and make planning it a nightmare. Even if it is a casual event, it would be helpful to send out digital invites in advance, so you get a solid number of how many people you need to entertain and feed.

Additionally, because kids will not be in school, people may want to bring their kids to your Fourth of July party. If this is appropriate, make sure you are prepared and have some things planned so the kids don’t get bored and ornery! If you are wanting a kid-free event, make sure you are clear with your guests, and let them know early enough so that they can arrange childcare.

To Barbecue or Not to Barbecue?

Everyone knows that Independence Day is purpose-built for a great barbecue, but it can be a huge hassle. There is always one person who is saddled with barbecue duty and ends up missing out on the fun. There is also the issue of weather. If you’re relying on a grill outside to cook everyone’s food, everyone’s dinner could be in jeopardy if a Summer thunderstorm rolls through.

You’ll need a contingency plan. Not only will you need food that can be cooked indoors, but you will also need space inside big enough to comfortably hold everyone. If you have things like speakers and other technology outside, make sure you can quickly move them inside. While these storms can roll in quickly, you’ll be fine if you keep an eye on the weather radar.

The All-Important Fireworks

For many, it isn’t Independence Day without fireworks. However, many people and animals don’t appreciate the noise too much. Additionally, there are numerous fireworks-related injuries each year on the Fourth of July. The risk is higher if people will be drinking at your get-together.

In all likelihood, your municipality and/or most of your neighbors will be setting off enough fireworks that you won’t need to invest in any. A great option, especially if you’ll have kids at your party, is to buy low-key and safer options like sparklers and glow-in-the-dark items. Your eardrums and skittish pets will thank you for it!

Stay safe this weekend, and most importantly, have a great Fourth of July!