How To Effectively Market Your Next Event

How To Effectively Market Your Next Event

So you have this great event planned, but now you need people to get as excited about it as you are. 

Marketing your event is key to making sure the event is a success. So here are 5 marketing tips & tricks to build excitement and ticket sales for your next event. 

Utilize Social Platforms 

A recent study showed that 60% of event ticket sales were from word of mouth. Social media is the best way to spread a message, in the quickest, most efficient way possible. Doing things like creating a Facebook page or event, posting on Instagram, and sharing these posts with people across your network will only help to build curiosity and excitement towards your event.

Make Your Tickets Easy To Access

Whether you have to purchase a ticket, reserve a spot, or book a time slot, make sure it is quick and simple to do. Using a one-click method that brings viewers to a landing page that has all the information and details pertaining to the event as well as a button to purchase tickets is the most effective way to get ticket sales. Using this link you can then post it to all social platforms and use it in any other marketing campaign to help increase the number of people clicking on the link & buying tickets of their own. 

Offer Early Bird Specials 

If you’re trying to drive people to your event early to get a better idea of how many attendees there will be then offering an incentive to buy sooner rather than later is a great idea. Decreasing ticket prices, including a free gift or including something when people purchase tickets before a certain date can help to get your ticket sale numbers up, a lot quicker.

Create An Event Hashtag 

Using an event hashtag can track who is talking about your event and what kind of different audiences you should continue marketing towards. It is a great way to track who knows about your event and how much excitement is stirring on social media. 

Run Competitions & Giveaways

Nothing catches people’s attention quite like being able to win something FREE. Offering an enticing prize or competition can help to spread the word about your event, create excitement, and get others involved. This is a great way to create a community around your event and spread awareness as well. 

I hope these tips & tricks helped and that your next event is even better than the last. For more event tips follow me on Instagram at @friedmanproductions.