How To Create The Perfect Playlist

How To Create The Perfect Playlist

Live music always brings another element to what you have planned for your guests. ⁠DJs are a great option. Unfortunately, sometimes a DJ just doesn’t fit the budget. This is where music apps like Spotify or Youtube Music come in. You can create the perfect playlist from scratch or take from playlists that other users have created. ⁠A playlist can be used for both in-person and virtual events. Play music in-between special guests or breaks.

f you are interested in creating a playlist for your next event, here are some tips to keep in mind!

Keep a variety

Before you can even start adding songs to your playlist, you need to find your starting point. This would be what platform you choose to make it on. There are a variety of media, and it all depends on what you’re comfortable with and your preference. When selecting the platform, check if it will be compatible with your venue’s sound system. You want to avoid the chance of a music malfunction on the day of the event.

When making a playlist you can begin two ways: from scratch or utilizing already made playlists. 

If you chose to use an already curated playlist, it should be for inspiration only. Grab songs and add them to your own playlist. This way, you can guarantee that all the songs you select are the best version, appropriate, and in the same place.

If you choose to create from scratch, variety is significant. You want to have pieces from various artists and periods when selecting songs. That way, you can appeal to everyone attending and keep things interesting. Depending on your event and the overall theme, don’t be afraid to mix different genres. The mix of beats, intensities, and instruments can add an element to your event that you may not have gotten from a live band or curated playlist.

Be consistent

Whenever you are planning an event, consistency is always key. Just like your event, it is crucial to stay consistent with your event’s music. To start with, your playlist should appeal to your audience. While variety is an important factor in creating a playlist, if your primary demographic for the event is middle-aged, including more popular music in their time is better than newer music.

To continue, you want to keep your theme and atmosphere in mind. If you are hosting a cocktail party, you may wish to have a playlist that includes instrumental or background music. Something that will keep people entertained, but a conversation can be carried on.

Whether you are hosting a child’s birthday or a large dance party, a playlist can save you money and be your new way to have music at the event. Once you have created the perfect playlist, make sure you fine-tune it before the big day or night. Run through it a couple of times to make sure everything flows, matches, and sounds good. Happy creating!