Hiring Guest Speakers

Hiring Guest Speakers

Outline Your Event’s Objectives

Before you begin hunting down candidates, you need to have a clear vision of what you want your event to achieve. You don’t necessarily have to have every tiny detail planned out, as guest speakers often have to be booked well in advance, but you need to be clear on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Is this an educational opportunity? Are you trying to inspire your guests? What mood do you want your guests to leave with? Is this a promotional event? The questions could be endless, but what is important is you are able to snag an appropriate guest for your event well enough in advance.


Your guest speaker may not come at an entirely budget-friendly price. In addition to their fee, you also need to consider things like their accommodation and transportation costs; you may have to fly them in from a different city to speak.

A way around these additional costs is to pick a local guest for your event; this may even make it easier for someone to squeeze your event into their schedule. If you have business connections that might be relevant, it would definitely be wise to reach out and see if they know anyone who would speak at your event. Even though they can be an expensive addition to your event, there are certainly some ways to mitigate the cost.


In addition to any marketing that you’re doing for your event, it is important to feature your guest speaker and generate a fair amount of excitement in your guests for them. You do not want your guest speaker to be met with an unfriendly and disengaged audience. Make sure you retrieve marketing materials from your guest speaker and any additional media you may need.

The Night Of

You need to make sure that you keep your guest speaker is happy, prepared, and excited to be at your event! After all, they are a guest at your event; they should be engaged and enjoying themselves as well.

It is vital that you are thoughtful about your event’s schedule; you don’t want your speaker to feel rushed, or alternatively, feel like they are trying to fill too much space. Most importantly, stay calm and trust that your event will be successful.