Guide to Planning a Virtual Holiday Party

Guide to Planning a Virtual Holiday Party

This year has been anything but normal. With the holidays quickly approaching many of us are trying to figure out what to do to celebrate. For the time being, virtual holiday parties are the safest option. We have created a guide to help with the planning and hosting of a virtual holiday party this season.

Photo by Nadi Lindsay from Pexels

Organize and Plan

To start, you’ll need to organize your holiday event with a checklist and an itinerary. The checklist will help you keep track of what is happening, from the day start planning until cleanup is finished. The itinerary will be created for the event itself, it will help you keep track of what is happening when and it will give your guests some idea of what to expect. 

Pick a Platform

When choosing a platform to host your event you must take into consideration who will be attending. Not everyone is good with technology and some may not be able to access certain platforms due to a lack of electronics. Whether you use Zoom, Facebook, or Skype, make sure it’s a platform that everyone can access easily. Consider providing guests step-by-step instructions on how to make the necessary accounts and how to access the event.

Virtual Gift Exchange

Running your gift exchange as a Secret Santa is a great way to keep costs down for guests. Set up your gift exchange in advance by asking guests to provide their addresses so that others may send them gifts. If guests aren’t comfortable with sharing addresses, email works too! Encourage digital gift cards as gifts – they’re easy, convenient, and allow guests to shop without leaving their homes.

Plan Fun Activities

The activities you plan will make or break your virtual event. If you aren’t entertaining your guests, many will get bored. Google is your best friend when it comes to making creative, interactive activities. Some of our favorite virtual-friendly activities are decorating gingerbread houses (send your guests kits ahead of time!) and tuning in to the same holiday movie. It’s also a good idea to have a couple of backup activities planned, in case guests are quick or seem to be over an activity before your allotted time slot is up.

Dress Up 

Ugly holiday sweaters! Little black dresses! Getting dressed up for a holiday party is half the fun, and seeing how others have dressed is the other. Just because an event is virtual, doesn’t mean guests can’t dress up. Create a hashtag for your guests to post photos of their best looks for your event. If guests seem reluctant to dress up you can turn it into a contest. The temptation of a prize will give guests an incentive to participate!

Having an event online doesn’t mean your event has to be any less spectacular than usual. Follow these tips to ensure your virtual holiday party is a hit! Before you know it, you’ll be calling on your guests again for an in-person party, and they’ll still be talking about your fun online event!