Get the Wedding Photos You Really Want

Get the Wedding Photos You Really Want

Weddings are expensive and meticulously planned; you’ll want the right photographer to capture the important day.

The First Steps

Before you take any concrete steps in hiring a photographer, you should secure your venue first. It is important to establish the location first; some photographers may be unable or unwilling to shoot your wedding if it is too far for them to travel. Once you do this, you should aim to have a photographer booked nine months out from the big day.

The Search

The first thing you should do is ask close friends and family for recommendations, but ask specifically about wedding photographers. Shooting a wedding is challenging and fast paced; not just any photographer can do it. It would be wise to check out photos from a few weddings a photographer has done; you’ll get a better sense of their style, rather than just how one wedding’s photos turned out.

Photography Style

There is really a huge variety of photography styles that work for weddings, ranging from vintage inspired, to vibrant and modern. You should also consider what your needs are, and which parts of the weddings you want a photographer present for.

If you have a particularly large wedding, you may want more than one photographer. If you want more than your family’s shaky cellphone videos of your wedding, you may want to hire a videographer as well. If you have a sizable budget, you may even want to hire someone to do videography via drone.

Taking Care of Business

Once you’ve found a photographer whose style you like, you need to meet with them to ensure that you enjoy their personality and would welcome them at your wedding. Sussing out the details of the contract and their fee is something that should be done well in advance; you have likely heard horror stories from loved ones about losing deposits, or having photographers drop out right before the wedding. It may even be worth it to have a lawyer glance over the photographer’s contract.

The stakes are high when you’re looking for someone to capture your wedding day, but when you get it right, you’ll be thankful you put so much effort into the search.