Food Truck Season is Here

Food Truck Season is Here

What does that mean for event planners? More catering options.

How They Stack Up Against Traditional Catering

Quite well, and for a number of reasons. Especially in large cities, you can find a fairly broad range of unique international cuisines. Many catering companies provide similar options and can get boring, especially if you are looking at budget-friendly options. Food is often what people remember most vividly from the events they go to; make yours memorable in the right way.


Food trucks are almost always more affordable than traditional catering, beating the average $40/person catering cost. Food trucks certainly don’t work for all types of events, though. Ideally, you will want them for outdoor, casual events.

If you have the space and budget, you should consider booking more than one food truck. This is especially useful if you have a number of guests with dietary restrictions. For example, you could hire a food truck that does barbecue and one that focuses on vegetarian dishes. Plus, you would be supporting more than one small business if you book more than one truck! Who doesn’t want to do that?

The Logistics

You will likely have to reach out to individual food truck owners through email, or on social media. Food trucks are small-time businesses, and they handle all aspects of their business. Depending on the food truck, you may be able to develop a custom menu with the owner.

Apart from potential menu development, food trucks provide a pretty hands-off catering option. If you are planning an event for friends and family, this will certainly take a lot of preparation off your hands. If you book enough food trucks for the number of guests, you are almost guaranteed to have fast-food service. Food trucks are used to dealing with big crowds!

Additional Benefits

You don’t have to plan a full event to make a memorable experience for your family, staff, or friends. They are such a flexible catering option that you could simply surprise your staff outside the office for lunch. If you’re looking to brand yourself as a trending, cool and forward-thinking company, this wouldn’t be a bad move.

What type of food truck would you book for your next event?