Everything You Need to Know: RSVPs

Everything You Need to Know: RSVPs

An RSVP is a part of your event invite that requests that guests let you know if they are able to attend. RSVP stands for “repondez, s’il vous plaît“ which quite literally translates to, “respond, if you please”. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to an RSVP, so let us help you out! 


A traditional RSVP is physical. It’s typically cardstock that guests can simply check off whether they are attending or not and mail it back. Many people also ask guests to include their plus ones and potential meal choices at the same time. As a nice touch, consider adding an envelope and stamp to make things easier for guests. 

More and more often RSVPs are turning virtual. A physical card may arrive in mailboxes, but they link to an online platform for guests to respond to the invitation. One of the benefits of this format is it prevents guests from writing in a plus one that you didn’t account for. This avoids unwanted complications on the day of your event.


When designing your RSVP you have to consider what information you are trying to retain from your guests. If you only want to know if they’re attending or not – no problem! However, the RSVP is a great way to grab more info from your guests. Consider including the following sections:

  • Plus ones and their names (this way you can personalize their name card, should you need to)
  • Meal choices 
  • Potential allergies 
  • Needed physical accommodations 


The most common way to track responses is to number them. Assign each member of your guest list a number. Then, include a small number on the back of the cards you send out so you can check off each one as they return to you. 

If you haven’t received an answer from a potential guest, feel free to reach out! Call, text, or email them – as many times as appropriate for your relationship to them. If they still don’t respond, take it as a decline and move on. 

RSVPs often seem more complicated than they really are.
Take a deep breath and approach them with confidence!