Everything You Need to Know: Event Budgeting

Everything You Need to Know: Event Budgeting

Everyone wants to have amazing lavish events, but most of the time that’s outside your bank account let alone your budget. Instead of going crazy on the costs, you need a strategy that will help you balance the fun with the funds. We have broken it down for you into the top expenses and how to manage them wisely.

Venue Costs

Venues come with a wide range of options and in many sizes, but that also means different prices and additional fees. When it comes to venues you want to be sure to shop around. Dismiss any venues that are not the right size, collect price quotes from those that do fit your needs, and compare. You might be surprised at what some venues have to offer.


You want to make sure you have any entertainment booked months ahead of the event and that you’ve explored your options. Many venues come with their own entertainers or equipment, so it’s important to consider which will be more cost-effective on top of your other requirements. Entertainment can make or break an event, so be sure you’re considering the importance of the entertainment alongside the price.

Food and Catering

Depending on the event food can really wrack up the cost. If your event is small enough that you’re purchasing all the food yourself make sure to look into bulk deals. If you need to get catering be sure to shop around, some venues have in-house staff and catering options. (Some venues don’t allow outside food. This can help narrow down your choices and save you money on catering costs.

These are just the big things you need to consider when planning your budget. Don’t forget that even the smallest events can have unexpected turns. Planning to have a little leftover for an emergency fund is always a good thing!