Event Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship

Finding funding for events is often the first step in the planning process. It is often the most key. There are more types of event sponsorship than you might realize, each capable of giving your event a unique edge.

Financial Sponsorship

This is likely the type of event sponsorship that first comes to mind; it is the most common. Companies or people offer up financial support for the event in exchange for promotional exposure at the event. It is often in advertising materials for the event. For this reason, it is important to partner with sponsors that make sense for your event; the brands and philosophies need to overlap to a degree. This is true for all types of sponsorship.

In-Kind Sponsorship

This type of sponsorship can be as valuable, or even more valuable than financial sponsorships. If you consider how expensive and difficult it can be to book the right venue for your event, donation of that space can be hugely advantageous.

Food sponsors also represent another common in-kind sponsorship situation. It makes sense; the best way to market food is to have people taste it. Events allow food companies, caterers and restaurants to expose people to their cuisine in a curated environment.

Media Sponsorships

Some of the toughest work you do when you’re planning an event is press and marketing. The approach should be unique for each and every event you plan, which requires you to cultivate a variety of different media relationships. Building these relationships up over time can increase the likelihood that your events will be sponsored. You should also write sponsorship packages for media entities, so that they know what sort of exposure you are looking for, and what they will get in return.

Promotional Partners

As the marketing and advertising spaces continue to overcrowd and evolve, influencer marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way to market events to very specific audiences. Whether you are reaching out to influencers yourself, or through an agency, you will want to ensure that their personal brand matches your event’s image. Influencer marketing allows you to more precisely target audiences, and for it to be a more integrated message. 

Would you consider influencer marketing a viable option for marketing your upcoming event, or would you stick to more traditional sponsorship options?